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Validating sql stored procedures functions views

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It has constraints, indexes, and all sorts of other meta data to optimise this query in a way that you probably wouldn’t have achieved in pure Java code. And another huge advantage of this approach is that the new business rule is implemented only at a single place, if you’re doing it right: In a database view that you can join to all the other tables that need access to transactions / balances.

This view can now be added transparently to all applications, including the E-Banking system, the E-Document output system, the Perl scripts that need to send audit information to the tax bureau, etc.

Of course, if you blindly follow random architecture rules, this may apply to you.

But then, beware that you’re following 10-20 year-old “legacy” principles by not using SQL (see also Fallacy #1).

However, one of the sections triggered very controversial feedback.

You can invoke a stored procedure in different ways: You can invoke using exec or execute and even you can invoke the stored procedure without the execute statement.

System Function: sys.dm_sql_referencing_entities Requires CONTROL permission on the referenced entity and SELECT permission on sys.dm_sql_referencing_entities.

When the referenced entity is a partition function, CONTROL permission on the database is required.

When SELECT and VIEW DEFINITION permissions are granted to another user, the grantee can view all dependencies in the database.

In this article, we will teach how to create stored procedures and functions in SQL Server and show advantages and disadvantages one of each.