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“I did not intend to deceive anyone, but I was afraid I would not be able to enter the contest.” Mint begged the committee, through the media, not to strip her of her crown, saying she had already passed on the prize money to her family.

With her contract with Miss Uncensored, we will see more of Mint in the entertainment industry soon, Thairath reported.

However, some critics questioned whether the uncensored version was better than the version that was originally published.

Brooke Allen, the author and columnist, wrote on the Barnes and Noble website that the new text "should serve as a supplement to the standard text rather than a replacement".

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After living her life on the poverty line, the future of Kanittha “Mint” Pasaeng started to shine bright when she was crowned “Miss Uncensored” last month. I grew up and got an education because my garbage-collecting mother raised me.” However, it emerged yesterday that Mint, who is now an internet sweetheart, lied about graduating high school to enter the contest. “The committee did not take away her crown or prize money.The book, which tells the story of a young man whose soul is bound up in a painting, was attacked as "vulgar" and "unclean" by contemporary critics despite the fact many of its more daring passages had already been edited out.He also removed references to the protagonist's female lovers as "mistresses", and withdrew other sections that "smacked of decadence", according to Nicholas Frankel, the editor of the new, original edition.The photo of the down-to-earth beauty queen prostrating at her mother’s feet was adored by the internet. Please support Mint,” said Miss Uncensored in a statement today.“I started helping my mom collect garbage when I was in elementary school,” Mint said. “I actually left school at Mathayom 2 and got a non-formal education to finish Mathayom 3,” she said yesterday.Air Times Syndication Check your local listings Spike TV Every Day: 12-1 AM* *Sometimes interrupted by Spike TV Movies.