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As Russell and his minions Danielle and Parvati celebrate Rob's departure from the game, Coach is extremely upset. When Coach confronts Jerri concerning her motivations for voting out Boston Rob, Jerri dismisses his accusations, claiming that she was not quick to get rid of Rob. If I come clean, our tribe will come together,'" J. "I'm hoping and praying that it's a merge, and we don't know where we're gonna end up, so we definitely want to get all of our stuff together," says Danielle.

Coach proposes to Jerri that they should set things in motion to blindside Russell, but Jerri is against any such actions until after the merge. REWARD CHALLENGE: FAUXCONUT BOWLING Both tribes arrive on separate benches at an outdoor bowling alley.

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auth=Ly Xqui YQe4d S4pzynf JZKt Pd QVzx5DWWRussell is joined by Survivor star Billy Garcia to discuss his history with the show, the upcoming seasons of Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers/Ghost Island, and the ongoing historical monument controversies.

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So this is perfect for me to be on the heroes side and battle it out against these people I don't like anyway. Who, you know, sort of like, scampers around with his tooth missing, and, you know, is in and out of the bushes, and never washes. Russell is joined by fellow podcasters, ATF: All the Fixins' Max Dawson and Corinne Kaplan, for a fun interview on a wide range of topics, including Brandon Hantz, Survivor Caramoan and the business of podcasts. If you've ever wondered what it's like to visit a loved one on the Survivor this is the episode for you.Russell invites his brother Shawn Hantz to talk about everything that happened on Survivor when he appeared on the show to visit his son...Russell is joined by special guest ROBYN KASS to discuss her experiences casting Big Brother and her years in reality TV.They talk about her early days casting dating shows and how that led to casting Big Brother and other major network shows.For example, “They need paternal direction, and I’m being that paternal person.” Peter, Peter, Peter — your choice of words should’ve clued you in. They decide in very condescending fashion to bring aboard Debbie and Joe, since they’re “old” and can be useful to them as goats later.