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The new version also introduces impressive new features that let print designers stretch themselves into the new paradigm of document creation, which now includes interactivity, animation, and video.There’s so much to cover in this review that I’ve broken it into seven pages.

The course includes a download link with exercises and other training materials. If you swipe the mouse over the image you can scrub through it. For at least a few of us though, this update fell through the cracks, as we assumed that automatic update would happen eventually through Adobe Application Manager. Get energized and inspired right behind your computer. Film producer Hans Erik Kraan of Networks, asked Animotion for the title and leader design.Adobe has officially announced details of Creative Suite 6 (CS6) and the Creative Cloud.What’s particularly significant about this release is that it represents the last chance to skip one or two versions and still benefit from reduced upgrade pricing.Owners of CS4, CS5, and CS5.5 have until the end of December to upgrade to CS6.After that cut-off point, upgrade pricing will be available only to owners of the immediately preceding version.The Creative Cloud has been very attractively priced, and it holds out the prospect of early updates and some nice bonus extras, such as Typekit fonts, but it has the disadvantage that once you stop paying, you can no longer use the software.