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Is kristen stewart still dating michael angarano

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" but rather a realization of an opportunity to let fans and critics alike possibly see themselves and their lives reflected back through her and her own relationships.Most important, she says she's anything but scarred from the amount of attention — positive and negative, personal and professional — she received as a result of blowup as being generally traumatic.Pattinson was supposedly seeing Nikki Reed, Kristen's best friend.Kristen is said to have cheated on Angarano, and it's unclear whether Pattinson cheated on Reed or dumped her beforehand.Their relationship has been a roller coaster ride for the both of them.Rumors about their chemistry started in 2008, when they were cast in the “Twilight” saga.For the past couple of months, “Twilight” costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been in the news regarding the real score of their relationship.

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson dated for several years, but was their relationship ever really a ‘relationship’ or was it just a convenient PR showmance designed to sell the Twilight movies to the gullible movie-going public?

2005-2008: Cheating on Michael Angarano with Robert Pattinson Kristen met Michael on the set of Speak when she was 15 and he was 17.

That all changed in 2007, when she met Pattinson while filming Twilight.

But since their split in 2009, Pattinson and Stewart had started dating shortly after.

However, things started to fit the fan at the end of “Twilight: Eclipse” and then sealed the breakup when Stewart had an affair with her “Snow White And The Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders in 2012.